If you’ve just purchased a home, or have changed to a new rental, one of the first things that you’re probably thinking of doing is changing the shower head. Let’s face it, the standard showerheads that come in most homes are horrible, if you want to really get clean, you need to get some good, even flowing, high pressure water that’s not too strong so that it stings, but gives you a good clean feeling. After all of that, you don’t want to be wasting water either.

There Are Some Considerations For Picking A Good Shower head

You have to give some thought to exactly who will be using the shower, if you have a bathtub for the kids, and if you’re going to be washing your dog as well. Not all showerheads are going to be appropriate for all users. In the case of children, sometimes an additional hand held unit is what’s needed, it can be mounted at just the right height, or be used in the hand held mode for smaller kids and pets as well. To have the dual option of regular and hand held, it’s best to have them plumbed separately and independently. But I have my own favorite. I think the best is rain shower heads cause it gives you a lot of water beating down on you and it is just do freaking relaxing!

Many Of The Larger Water Saver Heads Are Quite Efficient

Don’t be fooled by the size of the heads when you go to look at the store. If saving water, and hot water energy, is important to you, take the time to look at the gallons per minute on the packages. There you’ll find a comparison of how many gallons it will be using and you can check smaller heads at the same time. You might be surprised that the larger heads, the ones that disperse the water more evenly, use about the same as the small heads that just blast all the water out in a small area.

The Real Money Saver Is The Heated Shower Head

There are shower heads that actually heat the water right inside the head. These end up saving quite a bit of money because they’re only on when you’re using them, otherwise they’re not heating and storing the water continuously. When you look at your monthly energy bills, a huge portion of that is merely heating hot water and keeping it hot for the small amount of time that you actually use it. By having the heating elements right in the head, you can save plenty.

Getting a new, invigorating showerhead is important to many people in their daily lives, it’s the first thing many of us do every morning of our lives. By spending just a little extra time picking the right unit you can start each day right, with a great shower.