There are two basic things that binoculars do for you. One is that they tend to increase the size of images you will be viewing and lets in more light than what the eyes can, making your images appear much brighter in the low light conditions. Basically, binoculars are made up of two optical systems connected together by a hinge that shares a common focus system. When using binoculars, images are projected simultaneously for both of your eyes hence providing a realistic perception of the depth.

Types of Binoculars

Full Size- These are binoculars that are typically big. Their objective lenses are usually 35 Millimeters in diameter or larger.

Compact- These are binoculars that are usually more modern. This is because of their compact and foldable nature. They come with an objective lens that is less than 32 millimeters which usually fits well in the palms of your hands.

Wide Angle- These kind of binoculars are similar to the full size binoculars. However, these ones have an added advantage because they let users observe a wide angle of view. These binoculars normally bares from 400 feet all the way to 900 feet F.O.V.

Zoom- These kind of binoculars are more convenient to use when much power is required for a certain subject matter. The zoom mechanisms in these binoculars help viewers to enjoy not a single magnification but a wide range of choices. Their magnification is variable and it allows to view any distance without having to change binoculars. Some individuals believe that it is much more convenient to possess a variable camera while professional users shun it because of its weight and less ability to stabilize an image at a very high magnification.

Waterproof- These binoculars are completely waterproof. In addition, some of them are usually fogproof. For binoculars to be fogproof, they are usually sealed with a special O ring after which they are purged with nitrogen. This technique allows them to remain dry after compete immersion.

Focus Free- These binoculars are designed to automatically focus at a certain power and distance. These binoculars are mostly used for viewing of fast moving objects such as car racing.

If you want to purchase a pair of binoculars, be sure to look at the types available and determine the one that suits your needs. It can be a waste of time to blindly buy binoculars and end up not using them because they cannot suit the task you want.